Welcome to All Hands In Group Center. We are a 24-hour operational group center for males between the ages of 9-18 years. All Hands In (Genesis House) is located in the quiet suburbs Of South East Aurora close to several parks, great schools and recreational centers. We provide a safe, clean, and structured environment for you to call home. While the circumstances that brought you to us may not be favorable, we will work hard together to accomplish your goals. We will provide you with all the care and guidance necessary for your success.

Who We are

With a combined 17 years of experience in the field, All Hands In Group Center is equipped to serve it’s residents and the community at large. With experience gained in working with the Division of Youth Corrections at Rite Of Passage and Mt. View Youth Services, as well as experience gained from years of service at Children's Hospital Colorado as a mental health professional; we possess the humble expertise to make a positive impact.

Our leader also holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a Master’s degree in Child and Family Therapy and is a candidate for a Doctoral degree in Neuropsychology.

With all the experience and education, All Hands In leaders and staff remains humble in diligent service and are always ready to learn as we grow together.

Our Vision & Mission

 To help our residents learn grow and thrive is the center of what we do at All Hands In. We believe in working together to accomplish our goals individually and collectively. If family reunification is the goal we take a team approach to accomplishing this as our mantra is…Together we can achieve more.

Our Home & Facilities

We provide a clean, safe and structured environment for our residents. We bring a high level of experience, education and skills to the table but most importantly remain humble in service to our residents and community

All Hands In Group Centers

P.O Box 471834

Aurora, CO 80047

Tel: 303.704.5537

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